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This is a picture of a different event as we are not allowed to photograph on Rosh Hashono
Over the past years, more and more people attend our Rosh Hashono prayer services. Which is why the Jewish Community of Ulyanovsk made the decision to build a tent to host the many parishioners.
The tent was set up with a men’s section, a women’s section and a special dining section.
Many people came to celebrate Rosh Hashonah this year. The beautiful prayers were hosted by a cantor that was flown in from America especially for the High holidays. Much to the community’s joy, the cantor is a Kohen – something that we are missing in Ulyanovsk.
The prayer services were extremely moving! Throughout the prayers, our Rabbi has commented on the meaning of the prayers and inspired the crowd with stories.
The Shofar was blown, both in the morning and in the afternoon, while it was still light outside for the 100 people that came to hear the Shofar.
After the prayer services, we had a grand festive meal. It started with dipping an apple into honey, as is customary to do throughout the holiday of Rosh Hashonah. It symbolizes our wish for a happy, healthy and “sweet” new year.
Every participant received two special gifts. 1- our fourth published calender. 1- a book named “the  history of the Jews of Russia”.

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