Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

“Mitzvah-Tank” arrived in Ulyanovsk, Russia on 26th of Av. Many of Jewish community representatives and especially young people were deeply interested in this event. The name itself excited curiosity. Guests were young rabbis from Moscow, America and Israel.  Everyone wanted to take a look inside the “Mitzvah-Tank”, and what a surprise it was when they saw the mobile Synagogue.
After the entertainment part of the program the farbrengen was held. The dishes, made by the Israelite Rowan, were delicious.  Interesting Jewish stories about how people, with the help of G-d, change themselves and the world around them, ended up the meeting. It was very emotional and meaningful event. A mitzvah obligates Jews to listen and learn, to create a just and good society and a better world. The “Mitzvah-tank” staff promised to continue to come to the city of Ulyanovsk. Special thanks to Rabbi Bekkerman, Rabbi Moonshine and the rest of the guests.

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