Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

On July 9th, the Chief Rabbi of Ulyanovsk together with the President of the Jewish Community of Ulyanovsk met with the mayor of Dmitrovgrad to discuss the newly developing Jewish community in Dmitrovgrad. Dmitrovgrad is a city in the Ulyanovsk region with a population of over 100,000 people, of which 400 are Jewish. The mayor said he is extremely happy to hear that the Jews are beginning to organize themselves, he has waited for this time to come. He promised that by this September the Jewish Community will have a home of its own: a premises of 70 to 100 meters, which will be dedicated for the Jews to use on a regular basis!
The Jewish Community of Dmitrovgrad has elected its first president, Mrs. Olga Batchkova, last December. They established a Sunday school this past march, and have been celebrating all the Jewish holidays!

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