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This Shavuos, over 40 people participated in our third annual Torathon! Rabbi Michoel Yevbadni Chazzan, assistant Rabbi of the great Choral Synagogue, gave wonderful lectures on the insights of Shavuot and the 13 principles of faith. The hourly lectures began at 11:00 am and continued till 6:00 in the afternoon. In between classes, participants were treated to a delicious Italian dairy buffet. 
At 3:00 pm, over 30 children attended our annual grand ice cream party!
After the last lecture, a crowd of over one hundred men, women, and children listened attentively to the reading of the 10 Commandments. The crowd was too big for our Synagogue, so we had the final lecture and the reading of the 10 commandmands outside! 
It was a double holiday for our community, for on this day we celebrated Roman’s Bar Mitzva! Roman was called up to the Torah to recite the blessings before the 10 Commandments, after which the crowd had a great time throwing candies on him! Roman recieved a present from the community: his very own pair of tefilin, which he took upon himself to don every day! 
The reading of the 10  Commandments  was an extremely emotional event, as for many this was their first time ever in Shul, for others it was their first time ever at a bar mitzva.
After the reading of the Torah, the crowd was treated to a beautiful buffet of hot and cold Italian dairy dishes! Being that there are no kosher supermarkets, bakeries, or pizza shops, all food was baked and cooked by Rabbanit Suri Marozov. Besides for the many rolls, cakes, cookies, pizzas, pastas, blinzes, and knishes there was a salad bar, hot pancakes, and omelet bar, which were made on the spot by three professional chefs.
This Shavuos was a time where many Jews in Ulyanovsk truly fed their bodies and souls!

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