Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

This past Sunday, the Jewish community of Ulyanovsk organized an event in honor of Victory day, one of the most important holidays in Russia.

The event began with various members of the community recalling their memories of the war, followed by words of wisdom by the leaders of the Jewish Community.

The children from our “School of dreams” sang songs, read poems and gave out personalized gifts that they had prepared themselves during arts and crafts. Also performing was the ladies group “chaverot” and a number of other talented artists played guitar and sang wartime songs.

Special care was taken for the elderly to make sure that they were comfortable. Door to door transportation was arranged for each individual by Vika Chapanina of Sachnut, Gertruda Kupepova and Faina Rikker from “Chesed”.

This event, as always, was sponsord by the generosity of Mr. William Markisovitch Vroochtel in memory of all those who perished during the holocaust.

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