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Nearly 200 people came to the Persona restaurant, on Friday afternoon, to celebrate Pesach! The program started with a lively concert! The women’s club made an outstanding performance for the crowd! The children from our kindergarten and education center impressed the crowd with their Pesach songs.
After the entertainment part of the evening, Rabbi Yossi Marozov explained about the holiday of Pesach and went through the steps of the Hagada. The women lit candles welcoming in the holiday. Every participant had a beautiful Hebrew/Russian Hagadah with illustrations, so that they can follow along.
Each table had a moderator who explained what we were doing and why. The moderator had everyone read a part of the Hagada, so that every person was involved. The evening was full of lively singing, talking about our exodus and of course eating delicious holiday food!
The next morning, the Governor of Ulyanovsk sent a telegram wishing the Rabbi a happy Pesach! In the telegram the Governor stressed how much the Jewish center has contributed to Ulyanovsk and the importance of freedom, peace and harmony.
During Chol Hamoed, the youth were treated out to a night of bowling and karaoke!
 For the last days of Pesach nearly 50 people came to Shul for Yizkar. Many young people joined in to our traditional Moshiach feast!

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