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We are proud to announce the grand opening of the Jewish center of Dmitrovgrad! The newly elected leader is Mrs. Olga Batchkova, a young enthusiastic mother. She has taken upon herself the responsibility to lead the Jews of Dmitrivgrad.
There are many Jews living in the Ulyanovsk, although not all of them live in Ulyanovsk city, many live throughout the region. The second largest city in UlyanovskRegion is Dmitrovgrad with a population of 130,000 people, of which nearly 500 are Jewish.
Twenty young adults and children, came to celebrate Purim for the first time ever! They were so excited to be celebrating this joyous holiday as was evident from the fact that they all came in costumes. They listened attentively as Rabbi Yossi Marozov read from the Megillah. They joined their children in making noise when Haman’s name was read. They gave tzedakah, gave mishloach manos and enjoyed a nice holiday meal.
This is only the beginning for the Jews in Dmitrovgrad! They are starting a Sunday school and are expecting a young student Rabbi to come for Pesach to celebrate with them.

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