Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

As a sign of tolerance and brotherhood, Rabbi Yossi Marozov met with the Chief Mufti of Ulyanovsk, Savbyan-Khazrat Suleiman.
During the meeting they both spoke of the various aspect of religious life in Ulyanovsk, of their personal struggles to build houses of worships and cemeteries, and how to interest donors.
At the meeting, the Chief Mufti stressed how much Jews and Muslims have in common and the importance of working together, “when we come in front of people as one we are much stronger” said Savbyan-Khazrat Suleiman.
At the conclusion of the meeting, Savbyan-Khazrat gave the Rabbi a gift. The meeting concluded with the decision to meet again and sign an agreement of friendship/partnership between the Tatar and Jewish communities.

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