Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

This past month, a group of elderly members of our community have decided to launch a new club: “Club Torah”! They gather on Mondays and Thursdays to pray, put on tefilin and hear the reading of the Torah in the synagogue.
When the Jews received the Torah on mount Sinai, Moses commanded the Jews that three days shouldn’t go by without the reading of our holy Torah. So for thousands of years, every community has a quorum of at least ten men, called a Minyan, who come to pray and listen to the Torah reading every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Some communities are large enough to have a Minyan every day, some even three times a day. Not Ulyanovsk. This is precisely why this group has launched this new club.
This club was made possible thanks to the generosity of fund “Planet of Kindness” run by brothers Giorgi and Morab Yelashvili and brother in-law Roman Shemilashvili

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