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This past Sunday, 11 people came to study at an all-day Torah Seminar that began at 12:00 pm and ended at 8:00 pm!
The theme of this course was a review of the ten principals of Rashi. For the past 12 weeks, Rabbi Yossi Marozov gave a lecture every Wednesday named “Secrets of the weekly Torah portion”. The lecture included in depth explanations on the ten principals of Rashi, principals which Rashi himself used when writing his commentary. Each lesson brought many various examples of Rashi’s principals through doing a deep analytical examination of one Rashi of that Torah portion.
At the request of many students, we arranged an eight hour review! At the end of each hour, the students had a 5 minute coffee break and enjoyed fresh sandwiches made by Rabbanit Suri Marozov.

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