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On Monday, December 19th, thousands of people gathered at the State Kremlin Palace for the annual award ceremony of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia called “Man of the Year”. Over five thousand people attended the event, including many dignitaries, Jewish leaders, and politicians.
The Governor of Ulyanovsk, Mr. Sergei Ivanovitch Morozov, was awarded nomination “Man of the Year” for the category “Government Work”.

The award was presented to him by the executive secretary of the Council for Cooperation with Religious Affairs – Mr. Sergey Melnikov. 

Governor Morozov sponsored a two day festival of Jewish culture, in the beginning of October, that brought Jews from all over Russia to Ulyanovsk. The governor signed a document allocating land to the Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk to build a JCC and synagogue.

The Jewish Community of Ulyanovsk congratulates our Governor, and wishes him good luck and strength to accomplish all of his endeavors! 

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