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For the fourth consecutive year, the board of trustees for the Jewish Community of Ulyanovsk has held its annual grand final meeting. This meeting is extremely significant as it is at this particular meeting where board members look into the past years spending, and then listen to the Rabbi as he goes through a detailed planned budget for the upcoming year.
At this meeting, the board members voice their opinions on how the community should spend next years fundings, where we can cut, and where we should add expenses.
The main objection of this meeting is for all board members to become fully acquainted with the needs of our newly born community, so we can come up together with a plan on how to raise the funds to bring to existence our dreams.
It is at the end of this meeting where every board member takes upon themselves a certain amount of monthly sponsorship for the whole year.
This years meeting has been more unique then ever! Firstly, the whole projected budget was displayed through a slideshow, which introduced each topic with a beautiful collage of pictures. Secondly, the meeting took place at a beautiful conference room at the Volga hotel. Each participant received a package with last years financial report, next years projected budget, and other important material.
This years budget has been voted in by all board members without any objections. Though we only have pledges (both from board members and other sources) that can cover half of the budget, with G-d’s help we will cover our costs!

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