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The family of Misha and Irina Kantarovitch maintain a Jewish lifestyle: mezuzas affixed to their doors, they buy kosher chicken and meat, he attends shul every Shabbat, and they attend all our holiday events. That’s why when Irina gave birth to a son, Misha called Rabbi Yossi Marozov right away to tell him the news. Although they would have liked for the baby to have his brit mila on the eighth day, the baby wasn’t well enough and the brit was delayed.
Today, November 23rd, was the big day! Excitement filled the air, as little Zacharya was welcomed to the covenant of Avraham Avinu! The crowd danced and sang and then had a delicious meal.
20 year old Alexei Lapin was inspired by this baby’s bris and he decided right then and there to have his own brit mila.
The Jewish community wishes Mazal Tov to the Kantarovitch and Lapin families.

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