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This past Simchas Torah, the Jews of Ulyanovsk received a very special gift: a newly reconstructed Torah Scroll. As is the tradition, there are three Torah scrolls in every Synagogue. Last year, the Feldman family donated the first new Torah scroll to the Jewish community in Ulyanovsk. This year, for Simchas Torah, Mr. Radyon Khanimov gave a very valuable gift to the community, he repaired a Torah.
This Torah is not just any Torah! It was donated by the organization “Kesher” to the Jewish Community, seven years ago. It has a very long history. This Sefer Torah was originally written in Russia, made its way to the concentration camp of Auschwitz, and eventually to the United States.

One Shabbos, as the Rabbi was reading from the Torah, he noticed that a letter was missing. This made the Torah not fit for use. Being that it was an old scroll, it went through a thorough checking. Thanks to Mr. Radyan Khanimov, this Torah scroll went through the proccess of restoration and is now fit for use.

The Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk is hoping and waiting for their third Torah scroll.

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