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Excitement filled the air, as approximately 60 enthusiastic children, parents, grandparents and teachers joined together to celebrate the opening of Ulyanovsk’s first Jewish Children’s Education Center named “School of Dreams”! The event started with the cutting of the ribbon by our dear president of the community – Igor Dabakarov. Afterwards three teachers, dressed as clowns, made a comedy show about them hearing about this amazing new school “School of dreams” and they wanted to hear more about it. The children explained to them what the school is going to be like, which made them beg to be allowed to join. The children then thought of a dream or wish that they had, as the clowns let the balloons soar into the sky.
At this part of the event, the children and adults split for their own programs. The adults had a crash course about Rosh Hashana, given by Rabbi Yossi Marozov. Following the lecture, each teacher spoke to the parents explaining their class and their goals for the year and answered any questions the parents had. At the same time, the children had their first lesson about Rosh Hashana and made Shana Tova cards for their parents. The children were then split into groups and each group made their own logo for their new school. The event ended with children and adults joining together for cake and tea.
The Children’s Education Center “школа мечты” – “School of dreams” runs three days a week: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday for children aged 6-15. This is where children have the opportunity to learn about our heritage and traditions in a fun and exciting way. Their lessons include Jewish tradition, Jewish dance, Jewish choir, Hebrew, English, karate, computers, Jewish arts and crafts and Jewish theater. Once a month, the children will go on an exciting excursions. The school will be providing transportation so children from all neighborhoods could attend. Hot nutritious meals will also be provided.

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