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Mazal Tov! We congratulate Igor Dabakarova and his family with the birth of a son! In Ulyanovsk, the rite of circumcision was first held in strict accordance with Jewish law.
May 4 The Jewish Community of Ulyanovsk noted an event of crucial importance for Jewish life in the city and personally to the chairman of the Ulyanovsk Jewish Community. For the first time in many years in the Ulyanovsk community took the Brit Milah, performed in accordance with all laws and traditions of Judaism. Hero of the day was the newborn son of Igor Dabakarova. The boy was named Moshe Asher. Just before the ceremony Moel Mordechai Zvi read for Ulyanovsk Jewish youth lecture on the importance of the Union, which concludes with the man of Gd, fulfilling the commandment of Brit Milah. We wish you good health, peace, prosperity kid and all his family!

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