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Boruch Hashem, nearly 100 people participated in our public seder! In order for the guests to be fully involved in the Seder, we had groups of 25-30 people in various rooms in our center. Each person read parts of the haggadah out loud, we sang various songs, and the participants told the story of our exodus from Mitzrayim.

For those who wished to celebrate Pesach at home, we sold a Seder Package. The Seder Package included instructions, the main parts of the haggadah, all the brachos, and all necessary items such as: matzo, grape juice, cups, lettuce, charosses, and karpas. 50 families bought these packages! We sold a half a ton of Matza and nearly 300 bottles of grape juice and wine.
For the first time ever, Dmitrivgrad, a city within the Ulyanovsk region, had their very own public Pesach Seder! Two young Yeshivah students flew in from abroad to conduct Pesach in Dmitrivgrad. Despite their limited Russian, Dovid Katz and Yaakov Golomb set up the hall and ran the seder. Despite their limited knowledge of yiddishkeit (The city has no Rabbi), the Jews of Dmitrivgrad were excited to be part of the Seder experience!
Next year in Yerushalayim!

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