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The Zharinov family didn’t know much about Judaism. Irina (now Chana), the mother, knew she was Jewish, but that was about it. Four years ago, Sergei (now Daniel) and Ivan (now Yossi) attended Camp Gan Israel and were inspired to continue their Jewish education by going to Yeshiva. Anna (now Dina), the third child, heard so much from her brothers that she begged Rabbi Marozov to send her to Yeshiva too. This past year, Tanya (now Chaya) joined her siblings at a Jewish boarding school in St. Petersburg. The father (who is Christian) approached Rabbi Marozov at his sons upshernish and said, “Although I’ve always felt that I’ll have at least one child who will be Christian, I’m pretty impressed with how my other children are learning and growing, that I’d like my 5th child to join his siblings in their path. Can you arrange for his bris milah?” Sure enough, Rabbi Marozov brought a mohel down, and on Wednesday, Anton’s name was changed to Levi. In four short years, this family changed their lives around!
Four years ago, the Zharinov family puts up a mezuzah.
Anton (now Levi) with the Mohel, Mordecahi Tzvi Salomon (Basel, Switzerland)
Sergei (Daniels) Bris Milah!
Daniel writing a letter in our new Sefer Torah!

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