Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

Our community is saddend by the untimely death of a very promiment member of our community, Mr. Yefim Aronovitch Taitalbaum (Chaim ben Aron Hakohen). Although brought up under communist rule, Mr. Taitalbaum always had a strong belief in Hashem. He remembered his grandfather arranging secret minyanim and eating only kosher. When Rabbi Yossi and Suri Marozov arrived 4 years ago, Mr. Taitalbaum was one of the first to immediately reclaim his Jewish heritage: he ate kosher, prayed every day, put on tefilin, was careful to never shave with a razor, etc. He arranged a minyan every shabbos, recited kadish for anyone who passed away, and on days we did not have a minyan, he recited tehilim and kel molai rachamim for all those who passed away within that year in our community. He was the official gabbai of our community, and the only Kohen. He will be very much missed by all. May his soul rest in gan eden!

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