Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

For the first time ever, we arranged a great Jewish family retreat! More than 60 men, women and children enjoyed themselves for three days on the outskirts of Ulyanovsk. Groups were divided by 3: younger children, older children, and adults. The program included classes, games, BBQs and, of course, an inspiring shabbos program. Shabbos began with kabalat Shabbat services and was followed by a meal with divrei Torah and songs. A chasidishe farbrengen brought a warm end to an invigorating day. Shabbos day’s schedule was packed with stimulating classes and fun games. Throughout the 3 days of the retreat, lectures and stories were told about the beis hamikdosh, Jewish family life, and all about a sefer torah, as our community is getting ready for our first brand new sefer torah! This retreat was sponsored by the Joint Distribution Committee. We hope that our community will have the chance to celebrate many more retreats, seminars, and shabbatons.!

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