Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

In Ulyanovsk we started the Victory Day celebration by bringing the veterans of war to the “Eternal fire” over the Volga River. The Jewish youth joined the veterans in their celebration. At the Eternal fire, Rabbi Yossi Marozov read a prayer for the dead, followed by Yefim Teitelbaum reading Kadish. After that the youth left flowers at the Eternal fire.

We continued the celebration at a nice cafe, where songs were sung of the military years. Of course, lots of “L’chaims” were excitedly shared by all participants. The veterans received a bottle of Kosher wine and some sweets.

Veterans of the Second World War sincerely thanked the organizers of the holiday; especially Igor Dabakarov, Yossi Marozov, Willi Vruchtel, and Vicka Chipanova.

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