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Boruch Hashem, nearly 100 people participated in our public seder! In the past, we rented a hall to conduct our seder, but this night was different. For the first time, the seder took place at our center! Before Pesach, a model seder was held for active people in our community who wanted to help run the seder. They led small groups of 30-35 people, so that everybody can take an active part in the seder. Each person read parts of the haggadah out loud, we sang various songs, and our youth told the story of our exodus from Mitzrayim.
For those who wished to celebrate Pesach at home, we sold a Seder Package. The Seder Package included instructions, the main parts of the haggadah, all the brachos, and all necessary items such as: matzo, grape juice, cups, lettuce, charosses, and karpas. 50 families bought these packages! We sold a half a ton of Matza and nearly 300 bottles of grape juice and wine.
Next year in Yerushalayim!

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