Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

The Jews of Ulyanovsk were treated to a free Chanukah concert this past Sunday. A crowed of 150 people showed up to participate. Featured at the event were various Jewish singers from Ulyanovsk. (They were all volunteers!)
The concert took place at the Tatar Islamic cultural center. The hall was used free of charge, as a gesture of good relationship between the Islamic and Jewish communities in Ulyanovsk.

After the concert, a fresh buffet with delicious donuts and latkes were served. During the buffet, there was lively music and dancing.

Before Chanukah, we distributed over 300 menorahs. Those who did not receive a menorah, or did not have candles yet, had a chance to get it for free, after the concert.

The crowd was extremely happy and thankful.

In addition to our concert, we had a special Chanukah event for our youth that took place in Cafe Jerusalem. I think the above pictures clearly show how much fun they had!

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