Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

The night before Chanukah, we had an amazing celebration for the benefit of the Jewish Businessmen of Ulyanovsk.

This event was so different than anything we did previously, mostly because we had a nice turnout from the elite crowd, a crowd that usually feels they do not need the Jewish Center.

Another reason why this event was so unique is that 40 businessmen paid $40 for this event. This is the first time we actually charged for an event, usually all the projects we do are free of charge, (or we may charge a symbolic sum of one dollar), since most locals are extremely poor. This time, all people who have the ability to pay, came and paid.

The event was extremely exciting! There was lots of food, dance, singers and games. Eight important people were invited to speak, each honoree was honored with lighting one candle, after which, one of the singers honored them with a special song.

The event was catered by Cafe Jerusalem, our new kosher cafe, which opened only 3 months ago!

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