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For the first time in history, the far and remote city of Ulyanovsk has opened a kosher restaurant named “Cafe Jerusalem“. The cafe opened up immediately after the completion of the holiday of Sukkos.
The goal of this new restaurant is twofold: 1- to encourage and serve the need of Kashrus in the city 2- to have a place where Jewish people meet. Let’s face it, wherever I go, whether it is “Coffee express” or Restaurant “Bagema”, I always see my Jewish friends sitting together, having a meeting etc. “Why shouldn’t they come to the Jewish center? Why shouldn’t they meet in a Jewish atmosphere?” says Igor Dabakarov, president of the Jewish Center.
Of course, we have already seen the effects of the restaurant. Thanks to Cafe Jerusalem, we were able to host a business conference, and a regional seminar – where the youth leaders of 10 cities came to enjoy a Shabbos full of learning and fun.
So far prices are pretty competitive, cheaper then many local restaurants.

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