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This past Sunday, a unique event took place in Ulyanovsk – a Jewish business conferenceIt was organized by the head of the board of trustees, Mr. William Vroochtel, and the head of the Jewish community of Kazan, Mr. Skablionek.

The conference began with breakfast and a tour of the newly renovated Jewish Center. It was followed by a conference at the Barcelona Hotel.
At the conference everyone had a chance to describe their businesses and exchange contact information. Indeed, many did find business partnerships and opportunities. They also discussed at the meeting the importance of supporting the Jewish Community, being involved in Jewish life, and how to involve our youth in various Jewish businesses. The atmosphere was extremely positive, with all the attendees wishing one another, and the Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk, lots of success!
This meeting marks a turning point for the Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk. Until now, the Center catered mostly for the poor and needy. Now the intellectualsbusinessmen and professionals are enjoying the various Judaic seminars as well as our recent business conference.

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