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For the first time in the history of the Jewish Community of Ulyanovsk, our center was totally renovated to the highest standards. We replaced all windows, floors, and doors. We repaired all of the classrooms, and hallways. A new state of the art kitchen and dining hall was build. We finally have a real usable bathrooms.

The parquet floor of our Shul and kosher store was restored, we placed beautiful tiled floors in the new dining hall, and the classrooms have modern linoleum.

All light fixtures were replaced, but the nicest of all is in the dinning hall, where a magen dovid shaped candelabra was professionally crafted as part of the ceiling.

Electric, sewage and water pipes were replaced.

Throughout Rosh Hashana, over 200 Jews came to daven at the Shul in our center. The people were all surprised at how gorgeous the building is. Until now, they were used to a center that unfortunately resembled more of a shed! To their surprise this was not all, after davening all attendees received a magnificent newly published personal calender, with lots of pictures and information relevant to our community, (this is the first Jewish calender ever to be published in Ulyanovsk), with the address of our new Russian blog is on the back of the calender ( The level of professionalism really caught them all by surprise.

Sunday evening as Rosh hashono was coming to an end, a group of twenty some businessmen gathered together for the grand opening of our center. As night the night came in Mr. Igor Dabakarov the president of our community cut the ribbon. The remaining of the evening was spend with a joyful dinner filled with singing and Jewish anecdote’s

This is only the beginning. We are now in the middle of registering a plot of land to be dedicated to building a grand Jewish center, which will be much bigger then the 300 meters we have now.

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