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I recently started a monthly Jewish women’s program called “Jewish Home”. Women who are interested in broadening their Jewish horizon are treated to a two hour program which usually includes a game, divrei Torah, an activity, and good old-fashioned ladies talk with cake and tea. Our last program was 3 weeks ago and the theme was “Shavuos”. We played the newspaper wrap game, but instead of newspaper I used regular wrapping paper. I explained how Hashem gives us gifts all the time, the biggest gift of all – the Torah. We played music and the person who held the wrapped presents when the music stopped had to tell everyone what gift she is grateful to Hashem for, and then she opened the wrapping paper and took the small gift. We then learned about Shavuos, the value of the Torah, and humility. We made edible flowers from fruits and then ended the program with cake, tea, and coffee while shmoozing about the Torah and Hashem’s gifts to us on a daily basis. We can’t wait for the next program, which is coming up real soon! The theme is “Rebuilding through love” and it’s about the 3 weeks, 9 days and rebuilding the Bais Hamikdash through Ahavas Yisroel.


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