Teflin & Mezuzah bank

Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

A Mezuzah protects the home of a Jew, every Jewish home has to place at least one Mezuzah on the main door, preferably their should be a Mezuzah on every single door!

Tefilin is donned by men and boys over 13 years of age every single day of the week (besides on Shabbat and biblical holidays), the tefilin is one of the greatest connections between us and G-d.

Tefilin & Mezuzah's are very expensive for the Jews living in Ulyanovsk.

Since 2006, Rabbi Yossi & Suri Marozov have supplied over 300 Mezuzah's and 75 Tefilin for nearly free of charge to the Jews of Ulyanovsk.

Before this initiative their were almost no Mezuzah's or Tefilin to be found in Ulyanovsk.

Every benifactor of tefilin is requested to sign that they will carefully don tefilin every day!

Mezuzah's are placed on peoples homes by the Rabbi or one of his assistance!

Teflin &
Mezuzah bank

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