Shabbaton’s & Seminars

Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

Every year, our community arranges "The Great Winter Shabbaton''.  Nearly 100 people, consisting of families, men, women, youth and children, participate in an extended weekend at a beautiful resort. The program is packed with professional lectures, social games, fun contests, delicious kosher food and an authentic Shabbos experience.

For many Jews, it's their first ever Shabbos experience. For others, it's their first time being educated on various Torah topics.

Many community members wait all year for this great resort! This Shabbaton enables them to fully keep Shabbos, as they don't have the means to do so throughout the year.

In addition to the Great Winter Shabbaton, we arrange smaller Shabbatons for specific groups (ladies club, Kollel, youth....) throughout the year.

In addition to Shabbatons, we arrange various Day Seminars. Throughout the day, a course of many lectures are given by professional Russian speakers.

Shabbaton’s &

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