Jewish Center of Ulyanovsk

Ulyanovsk is a region that is far away from other locations.

As Jews, it’s important that every region has its own Jewish calendar because not only do the Jewish months and days differ from the regular calendar,  but all of our holidays and traditions depend heavily on the actual time of sunset and sunrise.

For example: Shabbat begins every Friday afternoon, a little before sundown. This means that Shabbat begins and ends at a different time every single week! What's even more interesting is that the time differs from region to region, since sunrise and sundown vary at different locations.

This is why, two years after the arrival of Rabbi Yossi & Suri Marozov, our community has established its very own annual calendar.

Our calendar is truly unique. Besides for the exact time for Shabbat and holidays, it also includes the time and place of all our community events, holidays and classes. Our calendar also advertises all of our Jewish services here in Ulyanovsk.

What is even more exciting is that every calendar features pictures of various programs we run, with most members of our community proudly featured in the calendar!


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